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Educational programmes

We distribute books, stationary and cloths to needy children every six months. A chunk of the donation of the NGO, 30 per cent to be precise, is used to fund education of children belonging to economically weaker sections (EWS)....

Computer Training Center

Today, computer education has become an indispensable element to boost the career of our youth. Unfortunately, a vast majority of our youth are left on the margins of employment as their parents can’t afford computer education for their wards.

Beautician Training Center

The beautician training centre was established in 2015 in Jhilmil Colony to help women and girls from underprivileged sections of the society to become economically self-reliant.

Empowerment of women

The poor women, both literate and semi literate, who turn up at the panchayat have become self confident about their role in the society.

Blood Donation Camp

Besides, we organise free health camps, on a regular basis, in Village Kusungur, Soravna, Garapur, Sirathu and Kausambi, District of Allahabad (UP) and Tahirpur, Sant Nagar, Jhilmil Colony in East Delhi and other slum areas in Delhi/NCR.


The SewaSemithi has organised a large health camp in Village Kusungur and Soravna, P. O. Garapur, District Allahabad (UP) from April to July, 2014. During this period OPD and nutrition camps were organized to provide healthcare services free of...