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Today, computer education has become an indispensable element to boost the career of our youth. Unfortunately, a vast majority of our youth are left on the margins of employment as their parents can’t afford computer education for their wards. With a view to overcome this digital divide, the Mishra Memorial has opened a computer training centre for the economically weaker sections of the society. Established in March 2014, the computer centre has become a catalyst for change for many of our youth. Ever since its inception, there is a stream of young boys and girls at the centre seeking computer skills to boost their employment prospects. Here, we provide them basic to advanced knowledge of computer as per the requirement of the candidates. In due course of time, innumerable candidates graduated from the centre and thereby could be able to land suitable jobs or ensure their career growth. From young children who need basic and elementary knowledge of computers to youth whose otherwise promising career could not take off all due to lack of proper computer skills, the centre caters to all.