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Empowerment of women of women is at the core of the Mishra Memorial’s objective ever since it came into being.

The organization is working for the promotion of women’s literacy in UP and Delhi. Nari Siksha Abhiyan (Women’s Literacy Campaign), Ghar Ki Pathshala (Education Centre in the Lane), Naam Likho Abhiyan (Coaching for writing own name in Hindi and English), three methodologies are employed by the society in educating its target group.
Through 24 centres for women’s education are being run for a few years in two states. One more centre of “Ghar Ki Pathsala” was launched in August, 2016, at D-3 Shopping Complex, Vivek Vihar Phase I in Delhi.
Of late, the Mishra Memorial is holding Mahila Panchayat every Tuesday. The programme aims at emancipation of women from weaker sections of the society. Swati Maliwal, chief of Delhi Commission for Women addresses the gathering of women.
The poor women, both literate and semi literate, who turn up at the panchayat have become self confident about their role in the society. They are taught about their constitutional rights and duties in the legal framework and how they can change the society for better as wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. They are enlightened about the prospects of increasing their contribution to family income through self employment options and thereby raise their standard of living.