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The LYNMMSS organises free health camps, on a regular basis, in Village Kusungur, Soravna, Garapur, Sirathu and Kausambi, District of Allahabad (UP) and Tahirpur, Sant Nagar, Jhilmil Colony in East Delhi and other slum areas in Delhi/NCR.

Besides medical help and guidance, medicine is provided to the underprivileged sections of the society free of cost at such health camps. During the camps, free medical tests for diabetes, blood pressure, dental check-up and offered counselling and treatment by trained doctors and specialists.
The SewaSemithi has organised a large health camp in Village Kusungur and Soravna, P. O. Garapur, District Allahabad (UP) from April to July, 2014. During this period OPD and nutrition camps were organized to provide healthcare services free of cost. A total of 162 people benefited from the camp. The special feature of the camp was that it guided visitors were advised on how to cook a balanced low-cost nutritious diet.