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15 April, 2013
East Delhi, East Delhi Join us

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The NGO organises marathons every year on June 5 to commemorate World Environment Day. Winners and runners-up of the contests are felicitated with citation and wards. The fee collected from the participants is donated to agencies involved in promotion and upkeep of environment.
The Samiti runs various campaigns to reach out to people and create awareness about environmental issues. It is involved in giving messages and selecting and/or producing appropriate resources and media to reach its target audience. The aim of such environmental programmes is to make people, from all walks of life, aware of the specific issues related to their surroundings, including living and non-living elements, e.g. land, soil, plants, animals, air, water and other humans, as well as their built, social and economic surroundings, and the impact of our actions on the ecology.
There are many environmental issues in rural as well as urban areas. Air and water pollution, sanitation, degradation of environment are there to name a few. These environmental issues are primary causes of disease and long term livelihood impact for our society.